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For foreigners spending time with someone from Chile is a great way to expand their minds and their world view while spending time with an exotic date.

For Chilean expats, finding a countryman while abroad can be a godsend.

Because online dating is so new among Chileans, there isn’t a terribly large number of Chilean dating sites from which to choose.

Still, with a little research you can find single Chilean men and women who want to meet new people, share a drink, and have a good time.

Radiocarbon dating established the wood as 33,000 years old.

People who can enrich your life and bring you great joy. Germans, French, Australians, Americans, and others. Part of the attraction is Europeans, North Americans, and Australians don't look like Chileans. English speaking visitors hold a special place in the hearts of many Chileans because they only know the language through their textbooks.

The Monte Verde findings were initially dismissed by most of the scientific community, but in recent years the evidence has become more accepted in some archaeological circles, The site was discovered in late 1975 when a veterinary student visited the area of Monte Verde, where severe erosion was occurring due to logging.

The student was shown a strange "cow bone" collected by nearby peasants who had found it exposed in the eroded Chinchihuapi Creek. Tom Dillehay, an American anthropologist and professor at the Universidad Austral de Chile at the time, started excavating Monte Verde in 1977.

A human footprint was also found in the clay, probably from a child.

Inside the camp, archaeologists found a chunk of meat that still had preserved DNA.

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After a DNA analysis, it matched that of a mastodon, indicating the type of food the inhabitants ate.

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