David henrie dating elle mclemore

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David henrie dating elle mclemore

1 September 2009When their cooking teacher accidentally gets injured, Cody fills in and becomes the rock star chef that all the girls fawn over.

Moseby is the cruise ship manager, the twins receive roommates, and London, also a student on the ship, wants absolutely nothing to do with being on the ship.

Miss Tutweiller's class forms a news show, but the students all have problems: Zack and Bailey clashing as co-anchors, London struggling with the green screen, and Cody making a shocking discovery as an investigative reporter.

30 July 2010While Maya helps Zack and Woody transfer London's shoes to her shoe submarine, Zack accidentally causes the sub to submerge, trapping them with only 30 minutes of oxygen.

Tutwieller, she suggests that he becomes the Hall monitor.

However it soon gets out of hand when he puts all of his colleagues in detention.

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