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My sister and I were extremely creeped out by this. The Sia Elastic Heart video and the ensuing "outrage" and apologies that came out of it is a good example of this.My husband and his brothers and sisters are like this when they're all feeling particularly happy with one another (we're all under 30, btw) and it never feels weird or creepy because of the happy mood that triggered it.Four people who grew up together all the time, reasonably close in age, and had to share rooms and couches and cars get used to mundane physical contact quite fast. But I won't lie - if I saw some young people sitting on the couch in the way that you described and I knew that they were that closely related, would I think it was a little weird? I think it's the "between the legs" bit that put it over the top for me.If you weren't raised that way it might be awkward though. That seems like a lounging position that's strictly reserved for couples, to me.Be Unique and Confident Dress in your own style and express yourself in a unique way. There's a particular thing that all women have in common-sensuality. Whatever you do, like touching your hair, rolling your eyes, crossing your legs, keep doing it! No matter how old men are, they're still looking for that caring, loving, warm mother. It will be easy for him to decide that you are the one forever.Be Independent and Give Him Space Have your own life.

Not every form of physical contact is sexual in nature. But like someone else said, it's not like they're dry humping each other and it doesn't sound like either sibling is being forced to do something they're not comfortable with.We are very close emotionally and intellectually, but not are we not emotional people, we're not touchy-feely at all. It seems like people missed this, or else my Creepometer is way off. My son would be leaning against my daughter since he is quite a bit younger than she. My barometer: If I walk into a room and see two people acting/sitting in a manner that would make me think they're either dating, married, single and flirting or hoping to be "more than friends," then I would hope they're not brother and sister.My brother and I aren't that physically close, but my male cousins I lived with and I sort of are, and they are to their sisters. If I saw two adults (young or otherwise) sitting the way the OP described, I would think the two were some degree of an item. Doing water things, surf boards, tubes, building pyramids with skiers, cliff climbing, all kinds of touching going on with a lot of different people.Throw away your old clothes and only wear up-to-date fashions. Your trendy style will make him want to touch you all the time. He will appreciate your uniqueness, and he will see you as the woman he's been looking for all his life. Also, you can be interested in something that he likes as well, like politics or sports. Make your words and actions the same, or a great man could think that you're not stable.He will always be eager to see what you're going to wear next. Be Interesting You have to have a wider vocabulary than the words "me" and "I." If you have nothing to bring to the table and he always brings everything, he'll run away from you as fast as possible no matter how beautiful you are. Be Sensual Every woman has her own style and her own way of attracting men. Your man will love to see you flirt with him more than other guys. That is the most important thing he'll look for if he's going to make the decision to marry you and have you be the mother of his children. Be consistent with him as well as others, and he will appreciate that you treat others with respect as well.

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So this is a thing I witnessed as a teen: It's Christmas time.

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