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With eleven albums reaching the number one in the German record charts, BAP is one of the most successful rock acts in their home country.Nearly all of BAP's lyrics are written in Kölsch, the dialect of Cologne, or more precisely in a Kölsch-influenced derivation of Eifelplatt, a regional variant of the Ripuarian language spoken in the nearby rural Eifel.Niedecken translated a collection of Bob Dylan's lyrics to German for his 1995 solo album Leopardefell.

In March, they released their first Japanese studio album, Best. In March of 2017, they released their sixth single, "Wake Me Up" from their single album, Rose.

In 1981, they released their most famous song "Verdamp lang her" (English: Damn long time ago), in which Niedecken describes regrets he has about his relationship with his then recently deceased father.

The band's name "BAP" derived from "BAPP", both, a play-on-words on the Kölsch word "Papp" (related to the German word dad), but pronounced differently, and Niedecken's then-times nickname.

P, consisting of: Yongguk, Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup and Zelo!

Hans "Honçe" Heres (1976-1980) Wolfgang "Gröön" Klever (1976-1980) Bernd Odenthal (1976-1980) Klaus "Major" Heuser (1980-1999) Axel "Effendi" Büchel (1981-1999) Stephan "Steve Borg" Kriegeskorte (1980-1996) Manfred "Schmal" Boecker (1976-1996) Wolfgang "Wolli" Boecker (1976-1982) Hans "Fonz" Wollrath (1980-1999) Jan Dix (1982-1986) Pete King † (1986-1987) Jürgen Zöller is a German rock group.


This comeback was a notable one for the fans as Bang Yongguk, the leader returned from his four month of hiatus to join the rest of the boys for the single's promotion.

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