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She starts doing a burlesque number for us which then moves to a lap dance for my wife and I. It's been mostly hard since all this started, and Hailey likes what she felt. I can see the thong she's wearing clearly through the tights stretched over her fat ass.

When the song is over, she comes back over to sit again. Through my pants I couldn't tell if it was her pussy or ass on my cock, but I think it was her pussy. I'm still on the chaise with Hailey sitting on my cock. She runs downstairs and a couple of minutes later brings up a bottle of vodka, my wife and Kaitlin's boyfriend.

When we got there she asked if I wanted extra service. She turned my head to the side so I was looking straight at her and for the first time I noticed that her top was unbuttoned lower then before and was looking at her cleavage. She started to finish the cut and was cleaning me off by using a drier to blow the hair off.

The thought of me digging my face into her asshole and mound is more than enough to make me cum. And I can only imagine ramming her from behind while pulling her short hair hard, making her scream in pleasure. She has that motherly look to her that turns me on so much. Ok, this is true, but I really don't care if you believe it or not.I'm married, and my wife and I have an open and polyamorous relationship. Last year a couple invited us to a Christmas party. He owns a bicycle shop in a college town, she's a stay at home mom. She and her husband know about our lifestyle, but are strictly monogamous. (eye roll) She always themes her parties, so this one was Night at the Opera, or something.Her name is Hailey, she's about 5'2, cute body, B-cup tits. Everyone was supposed to dress up, but most of her hipster friends didn't.I'm still in the same position, and assume she's going to sit cross legged facing me again. This time she pulls her dress up, climbs in my lap and sits directly on my cock. We're cuddling, and I do some feeling of her tits, and kissing of her neck. My wife kisses me and Kaitlin, tells me to enjoy, but she's too drunk to do anything and heads back downstairs.She keeps talking about how wonderful Kaitlin is and how much Kaitlin likes me. Hailey strips off her dress and panties, no bra, and starts kissing Kaitlin. Kaitlin's black alpha boyfriend is just standing there, watching. " Normally, I don't fuck someone I just met without a condom, but Hailey has a definite plan for her own real life porno, and I'm not going to argue.

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I'm just sick of reading the obviously fake shit on here.

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