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Kinect nude video chat

If you check out the Remote Work section of my blog you'll find dozens of posts about optimizing your video chat experience.

I have a Cisco Umi for work, and I use Hi Def video cameras and Skype for talking to folks during the day.

Recently, an old high school friend of mine purchased a Kinect for fun and games with his family.

Little did he know that I also had purchased a Kinect.

The idea of video chatting with a friend or conducting a business meeting through my living room big screen from the comfort of my recliner made me think of popular sci-fi movies where people communicated through their TV video, audio, and microphone features.On top of that, the audio quality is amazing, even with people positioned 14 feet away from the Kinect sensor.The panning and zooming to fit a group of people on the screen plus the good audio are what make this a viable option as a video conference application.However, I'm always trying to find out the best way to talk to The Wife and Kids when I'm on the road.I wrote an article a while back called Skyping the Wife: Foolproof Video Conferencing with Your Family While on the Road where I setup auto-answer for Skype so my wife wouldn't have to do anything.

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