I kissed dating goodbye memorable quotes

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I kissed dating goodbye memorable quotes

My review of your flight performance was right on."Maverick: "Is that right?

"Charlie: "That is right, but I held something back.

But for lesser beings like curly-haired men and people who need glasses, therapy can help.

Sometimes a place is so special to you, it feels like it couldn't possibly continue after you're gone. I hate to bail, but I've been asked to do a commercial for the Boys and Girls Club of America, and I just can't turn down community service. This message is coming to you either from beyond the grave or because I am in the grip of insanity.

We are here because white folks think they can do whatever they want to do to black folks.

I was afraid that everyone in the tax trailer would see right through me, and I just don't want anyone to know that I've fallen for you."21Maverick: "I think I'll go embarrass myself with Goose."22Nick, in the air: "Let's turn and burn! "25Goose, to Maverick: "Every time we go up there, it's like you're flying with a ghost."26Maverick: "You didn't tell me who you were the other night."Charlie: "You didn't give me a chance, did you? But you were tempted to ask me out for dinner."Charlie: "No. He'd have hated it, but he would've done it."29Maverick: "I will fire when I'm (expletive) good and ready!

Kate Chopin The reason I play music is to touch people - for selfish reasons, as well.

It feels good to make someone else feel something, whether it's a kiss, a painting, good idea or it's a song.

I don't date students."27Maverick: "I can see it's dangerous for you, but if the government trusts me, maybe you could."Charlie: "It takes a lot more than just fancy flying."28Carole to Maverick: "God, he loved flying with you, Maverick.

Give me a kiss, and to that kiss a score; Then to that twenty, add a hundred more: A thousand to that hundred: so kiss on, To make that thousand up a million.

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Here are 30 of the best quotes from Mav, Goose, Iceman and more.1Maverick: "I feel the need ..."Goose: "... "2Stinger: "Maverick, you just did an incredibly brave thing. Son, your ego is writing checks your body can't cash!