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Grad chicks are mostly fucking twisted either with social ineptitude, plain looks, or neuroses. 2.) Go to your school's international english education department.

I use to (and still do) run through all those rich FOB Asians from college.Undergrad pussy Undergrad pussy Undergrad pussy Etch this into your desk with a metal file. 3.) Join cooking club, there's a lot of 7's, along with 1 or 2 betas. There should be some kind of food court with tables next to it.Just so you know OP the chicks past college age to go after are: For a better mental experience: Pre-K through Grade School Teachers (Junior High and High School female teachers have mental problems look at how many students they fuck) Nurses Physical Therapists Non-Profit Sector Exercise/Nutrition Professionals Anything that has to do with helping young kids or old people. These get packed around lunch time, so its your excuse to sit down at a cute girls table and make conversation.Join the athletic/yoga club, go to dance events, go to shows.Undergrad pussy Undergrad pussy Undergrad pussy Etch this into your desk with a metal file.

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