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Dating gretsch guitars serial number

This is where the appearance of duplicate numbers comes into play. The public database is otherwise silent about cues as to whether this is a consecutive or date coded serial number.

prewar and the neck is most likely from the 50s/60s.

The pre-"USA" date-coded serial numbers that do not bear the "USA" stamp from ca 1965/66-1967 are extremely problematic.

See for example my personal Symphonie #26020 (attached).

The immediate post-war models had followed Bacon Banjo Co. These newly designed Bacon banjos had serial numbers with a zero prefix (f. Senorita MB 0067 and TB 0116 (archtop); Serenader 0130 (archtop); Symphonie 0123 (archtop).

Thereafter the serial numbers appear to be sequential.

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He is also interested in banjos and has done a nice job solving the Gretsch branded banjo serial numbering system.