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Ex web cam

Chief among these factors was the advent of webcam abortions and a 2007 announcement at a staff meeting that all facilities, including her own, would soon be offering them. The Alliance Defending Freedom describes webcam abortions as follows: “A ‘webcam abortion’ is a chemical-induced abortion when, after a quick ultrasound, review, and consultation, a doctor in a remote facility talks with a patient over video chat.When the woman agrees to the abortion, the remote doctor pushes a button to release a drawer that reveals two sets of pills.The included webcam adapter lets you connect your webcam to any telescope using a standard 1.25" push-fit adapter.

PAUL — Sue Thayer told her February 15 audience here that “an immediate stopper” in a debate with a pro-abort is this quotation from President Reagan: “I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.” Thayer was addressing the Legislative Dinner of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, held here at the historic Landmark Center.But victory won’t come if we don’t pray for President Donald Trump and Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.As previously reported in The Wanderer, in 2011, ADF attorneys filed a “whistleblower” lawsuit under the federal False Claims Act and the Iowa False Claims Act (FCA) on Thayer’s behalf.The woman is instructed to take one set of pills at the facility and the other set of pills 24 hours later at home.In case complications arise, the woman is given a card to call a number and ultimately told to go to the ER to report she was having a miscarriage, not an abortion.” Thayer’s Planned Parenthood facility was going to send her to learn to do transvaginal ultrasounds, even though she was a non-medical staffer.

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“I am in an area where I drive a lot of college students…Continue Reading March 8, 2017 (Life Site News) – What does it mean to be a woman?

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