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He finally manages to corner Shoop, and blackmails him into taking the job or risk losing tenure.On his first day, Shoop meets Robin Bishop (Kirstie Alley), who is teaching History next door.When asked who he would cast as Chainsaw, he suggested Shia La Beouf or Zach Braff.In early 2012, Adam Sandler's production company Happy Madison Productions signed on for a remake.Not all pass, so Gills is ready to follow through with his firing threat.However, the parents of the students come to Shoop's defense.

The original music score was composed by Danny Elfman.

Along with the special edition DVD release commemorating the twentieth anniversary of Summer School, many of the original cast were present for a reunion party.

During an audience Q&A, Dean Cameron suggested that he would be open to a sequel or possibly even a remake of the original.

Daily's "Mind Over Matter" was released as a single off the soundtrack.

It became a top 10 dance hit in the USA and hit #96 in the UK in 1988.

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The students make more demands on Shoop and he throws an English Book against the chalkboard ,and after a few choice words, quits his job in anger.

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