Dating henriot quimper pottery

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Dating henriot quimper pottery

Henriot Quimper creates beautiful pieces in all your favorite Quimper Decors, including Henriot, Mistral Blue, Soleil Yellow, Fleuri Royal, Campagne and many new innovative decors.

Henriot's Dinnerware and Plates are a wonderful addition to your dinner table.

The Serving Pieces are as lovely as decorations as they are useful.

The connoisseur can spot differences between factories and ages instantly by the colour imparted by the glaze and subtle differences in the designs, which at first sight seem very similar.The first was Grand Maison, and it preceded the other two by nearly a century.Its mark was HB, the H for Hubaudière, the name of the family that owned it from the early eighteenth century to the early twentieth century, and the B for Bousquet, the name of the founder.Traditional Breton figures often feature in the designs, the men with wide-brimmed round-crowned hats and the women with full skirts and aprons.Pottery has been made in Quimper for a very long time, but the faience that we recognize as Quimper has been produced since the late seventeenth century by three factories.

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