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Jasbir Sing Mudhar was sentenced to four years nine months imprisonment.Background From 1994, Clark through a number of business fronts set up by him, was engaged in the promotion of so called high-yield investment schemes to clients in the UK and Sweden. In 1997, Clark entered into a similar business relationship with Saull. Mudar, an accountant by training, played an important role as an introducer.The invoices appeared to cover orders for around 450 tons of tin ingots, nickel scrap and lead-silver alloy shipped between northern European ports.In reality the consignments were of low-grade metals, or did not exist at all.

Former Yugoslav spy Slamaj, 56, said the bonds were issued by the US in exchange for gold given by Chiang Kai-Shek's nationalist government in the 1940s.

But, we will eventually pay for the consequences and damages, in taxes, costs of goods and services, regulations, copy-cats etc.

I hope we can collect, in one thread, frauds and scams, reported or heard.

Forensic document examiner Halksworth, who had previously helped pioneer fingerprint evidence, was paid 63,000 to authenticate Slamaj's bonds and others. But in May 2001 City of London Police were tipped off by the Hong Kong authorities after two Australians were arrested with bonds and a certificate signed by Halksworth.

..." 18 September, 2003 "Fraudster jailed for two years over 123 sting" "A British shipping fraudster who used fake documents to con a group of Middle Eastern bankers out of mor ethan 120m was sent to jail for two years at the Old Baily yesterday.

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He said the defendants had been "corrupted by greed" and had taken advantage of people's gullibility.

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