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How can I configure updates, when one connection fails chance the source (all these on clients), in that way, if the connection with Update agent fails, the client try to connect to the server, and if that fails too, try get actualization from internet (Kaspersky Lab) so I have covered all kind of update connection. I have a request from a client, he has a group of hosts with a really slow connection, besides Update Agent, can I create a package .zip, or another extension, with antivirus actualization and execute it in offline way? Like the last part of the previous question, the group of hosts with slow connection, some of them have no applied policies, and questions about it were requested, there is a way to create a or policy and apply it in offline way?In a group when a policy is change, how can I prioritize policy application on clients?Click the Start button and go do something else because the Kaspersky Update Utility 2.0 will take quite a while to finish downloading the complete virus definition and program update database.By default, the database will be stored in the current folder and that can be changed in the Settings area.5.However, one of the gripes that I have against Kaspersky is the first update normally takes a very long time to complete.That is because Kaspersky don’t use a web installer that downloads only the latest files, nor regularly push out an updated installer that contains the latest virus definitions.Kasperky has replaced individual updates in zip files with their Kaspersky Update Utility.They no long will be issuing these types of updates so we have placed the installer for the Kaspersky Update Utility 2.0 in this entry. Kaspersky Enter your city here Anti-Virus combines reactive antivirus detection with the latest proactive technologies to provide your computer with solid and dependable protection against malicious programs.

Go to Settings Select update source and click the Add button.

This question because when I change a policy, maybe for bad luck, the host I want to apply this policy first, activate it at last, from a group of 100, and not always is the same host.

These clients are connected to KSC but they have high latency and sometimes policies don’t apply on them, but second question have two parts, I didn’t explain well.1.

Then, configure Kaspersky to use the shared folder as the update source.

The painfully long update process will complete in just a minute or less. Click on the Files button and select the version depending on your operating system.

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Select the “Updates” folder that is found inside the Kaspersky Update Utility folder and click OK.6.