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"I will play friend, hoping to become a lover" : That reminded me of a friend that thought, simply because he was treating me nicely, that I would make sexual concessions.... Friends that are unable to respect boundaries are not truly friends.

Lovers that play friends are usually fakes: this is my own experience.

He gets to know her over time because of mutual friends, he finds out she is really cool and they become friends, he will NEVER fall in love with her because that instant attraction wasn't there. Lets say a girl is at a party, a guy walks in, she looks up and thinks nothing of him.

She gets to know him over time because of mutual friends, she finds out he is really cool and they become friends, she WILL fall in love with him because of his personality, his charm, wit, intelligence - because of all that - attraction has grown. With that being said, you men have it much easier than we women do, women can be worn down if your are persistent and are genuine in your friendship. If you are in fact really just friends, neither of you really looking for a romantic involvement with the other, then that is another story.

One should establish where and when something ends and something of a different nature begins, otherwise confusion and misundestandings become certain: just old style wisdom.

It always seems very one-sided and I see guys (especially) falling for this all the time.

Then it has to be compared to the context of what the other person is looking at.

If you are worried about being used, then don't do anything for the other person, it is that simple...yes, it can when the rules change ( one is no longer a friend when he/she becomes a lover) . However, lovers can also become friends ( afterwards) .

I have seen some people that say friends first, and what it really means is that I am not gonna have sex with you until I know you, and am sure you won't stomp on my heart.

For others it is lets get to know each other, because in the get there isn't a real spark, but AS STATED BY ANOTHER WOMAN, a mans personality, charm, etc etc can grow on a woman...

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She won't respect you and will even resent you for it. The best way to benefit from this experience is to teach the younger guys around you the lesson.