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They do this to avoid having to pay out on the 'Best price Guarantees' most of them offer on their official sites.In the fine print they generally state that the room names and descriptions have to match, so I assume they provide alternate names to the hotel aggregators like to avoid claims. The hotels are the ones who advertise the rooms, name and prices.But I guess once Booking become aware they probably have some responsibility to correct the error even if they need to inform the hotel and have them do it. It's not the Hotel that is calling it a Grand Double Room, why would the Hotel call it a "Grand Double Room" as I stated before have admitted they have changed the room description making it harder for one to compare the room on and they one on the official hotel website.sorry I must be going blind as I am quoting what you said.They cannot get away with captions on their photos under Australian Law (ACL) stating This is a sample picture of this room type, individual rooms may vary" and using room descriptions which vary from the Hotel's official description to confuse and bamboozle you.

Be careful when booking accomodation through the room isn't always the same as what is on the official hotel website."How it Works1 You tell us about your property Add your property details, photos and payment policies during your registration.Once we confirm your details, you set your property live and can start receiving reservations immediately" Definitely the hotels fault as they tell Booking the details and photos.The picture doesn't make a claim of the view or misrepresent the view. Nothing in the picture you are saying misrepresents the property implies there is a great view that you are paying extra for. I will trust the official Hotels description that the Grand River Room does have river and city skyline views.That is in the description which distinguishes between the rooms and the views. The photo in the description on is of the Grand River Room which has views. The Grand Classic Room does not (Grand Double Room on B. If what you are saying is true, then they should be both the same price, all else being equal.


No you can't see the view in the photos but given the description says the Grand River Room does have views of the river and city skyline but not the Grand Double Room /Grand Classic Room.