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We will be updating the community about how that testing will be conducted and who will have access to Zog (and how to access it) it a future blog.

We're deeply appreciative of the support the community has shown over the past several weeks as we've moved through the end stages of Alpha Testing.

We are also going to move the start of the War of Towers forward to keep the same timing as we described in our previous update about this feature.

War of Towers will be deployed 2 weeks after the start of Early Enrollment, on Thursday November 13th.

Most of the time it is used as a full blown CMS with many additional requirements.

Especially the publishing workflow for posts and pages as well as their changes becomes demanding.

This is a very large, very complex engineering task and there are a lot of unknowns and uncertainties in the process which make such estimates always subject to to change.Gretchen Ash, Howard Andrew Jones, Jason Sanford and Christine Purcell are also panelists. Now, a bit more distant in the year is the Tucson Festival of Books in March. And on Sunday at 11 AM, Small Stories in Epic Fantasy panel, with Bradley Beaulieu, PATRICK ROTHFUSS, Jason Sanford and BRENT WEEKS. You can discuss this blog entry on this thread in the forums.A simple Word Press Plugin to Schedule Content Updates These days Word Press is scarcely used as a pure blog.

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