Dating european men nyc

Posted by / 08-Jul-2015 04:00

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In a new series of articles, black women living outside of Europe share their views from the other side.

I’m very embarrassed to say that I didn’t know anything about flights to Europe, airports, airplane security measures etc. I decided to Paris to visit an old boyfriend then London to hang out with an English buddy who had gone back to grad school in England. I got lost every single day (even with Google maps!

) and my French skills were poor so I could barely read street signs or communicate with anyone.

There comes a time in a single ladies’ life when you come to the Zen realization that you are very solo and trapped a negative dating space – even if that place is grand ol’ New York City.

Thousands of women of various races, ethnicities and ages lament that the New York City is not the perfect spot for romance let alone marriage to bloom.

I did all that footwork and yet my phone only rang from my usual suspects – my mom, siblings, bill collectors and my job.

I am an african-american female open to interracial dating, but not sure where to go to meet men that are open to it.

This fact would make things doubly hard for black women, because if other folks are catching a cold, we get the Black Death.

I bought my first ticket to Europe after my boss joked if I ever planned to use my vacation days. Work had become the only ‘husband’ I had come to know since leaving college.

While I stayed in Paris, I was hit on con-stant-ly.

So much so that my, non PDA ex boyfriend was leaving work early to accompany me around town while holding my hand.

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I was still loyal (damning trait with most black women) so I paid little attention to the guys who were trying to wrestle me away from my ex there.