Just the two of us dating service sexmalay semat link

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Just the two of us dating service

The logo looks the same, same building/address just a different name. And, search process for my soul mate is now accomplished!

I currently have hired a lawyer to really get the evidence together before I take them to court. I agree that Two of Us was several notches up from meeting people on the internet.

Read More »When I first joined Two Of Us I wasn't sure what to except. I am very happy that I made the decision to become a member. As you know I am on hold with Dick and I can’t thank you enough for matching us.

I was matched with three different ladies, the first lady I contacted we spoke for over an hour and had a great conversation and I invited her for dinner, but the chemistry wasn't there,... To me, he is the most wonderful man in the world, he is my soul mate. Read More »It was not an easy step for me to sign up with a dating company. Though I already had a busy dating life I kept meeting wrong people and it started to tire me.

So, she encouraged me to set an appointment and she mentioned that they will pay a matchmaker to drive out to talk with me.

I called to push back my appointment by 20 minutes due to traffic on the west loop.

Read More »I have been a member of Two Of Us for two months and I have been matched with some very attractive, charming and intelligent ladies.

Monick and Melissa have been real nice to me and they make sure that I am satisfied with the matches that they pro... I wish for everyone looking for "Love" to experience this! Read More »I think that dating really is same dating anywhere.

at the moment that's just what I need, because they have a great response with a Michael and lot of active members in all cities in America and I have had the opportunity to c...

I am having a very good experience with the Two of us, I have learned that this pro... She's very committed to doing the best she can for all members! Monick and Melissa have matched me with some great men, I am very happy I joined.

Too bad there's only one of her because Two of Us would be extra amazing (instead of just amazing) if they had two or three or more Monicks! Read More »I would like to share with you how magical my experience was with Monick at Two of Us of Encino. I'm attractive and I am a nice person, I deserve quality.

I didn't realize how detailed dating could be but my matchmaker was really understanding and cut straight to the issues.

I decided that God only helps those who help themselves and that nothing was going to change unless I take a leap of faith by joining Two of Us.

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Read More »I would like to thank Monick, Melissa and everyone at Two of Us for their help for I have truly found my soul mate and my best friend. I have found my true love and I could never have done it without Two... Having the recruitment experience myself I thought it wo...