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Dating ambrotype photos

Frederick Scott Archer improved the calotype and invented the "wet collodin" negative.A glass plate was cleaned and iodized collodin was poured onto it, then it was immersed in a silver-nitrate bath.It is only sensitive to blue/UV light, so artificial blue-light sources are helpful, and sunlight is effective.The result is a laterally reversed image of the original scene.If ambrotype is in case and suffered water damage, remove from case and air dry. Freezing is not recommended as any condensation on the plate during thawing may be catastrophically damaging.

Invented: In 1851, Frederick Scott Archer presented the wet plate collodion technique to the photographic societies. Patented: Although earlier practitioners were producing precursors to the ambrotype, i.e.

The “common ambrotype” is a clear glass support backed with a dark piece of textile, metal, secondary glass or paper, or painted directly onto the back of the image.

The “ruby ambrotype” is printed onto a dark glass support that is red when viewed in transmitted light.

The ambrotype was a less expensive alternative to the daguerreotype.

By the 1850s it had become the dominant form of photographic portraiture.

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daguerreotypes without reflection, daguerreotypes on glass, collodion positives, positive pictures on glass, verreotypes, James Ambrose Cutting submitted the first official series of patents in 1854.