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Mail app updating offline disk cache

Videos, maps, and more can all be saved offline depending on which applications you use.

So make sure to check out the common culprits, including Waze, Google Maps, VLC, and so on.

Now, all the photos stored on your i Phone will be optimised for the screen of the device, which will thereby reduce the space occupied by them.

If you are a heavy i Message user, it is entirely possible for the app to take up GBs of storage space on your i Phone or i Pad especially if you don’t delete your messages every once in a while.

With Apple, all set to release i OS 10 tomorrow, now is a good time for you to clean all the junk files from your i Phone or i Pad and reclaim some storage space and prepare your i Phone or i Pad for the update.

Apple has reduced the free space required to install OTA updates in i OS 10, which is a huge improvement over the free space requirement of 4.6GB that was required for the i OS 8 update.

The usual mentality is that you found an app or game listing interesting and thereby download it, but later on, when you did not like the app, you forget to uninstall it.

With that, I cleared about 30 MB from the Other data section displayed in the i Tunes breakdown.

There are also applications that do have a cache clear or reset option available, but you might not be able to find it in app itself.

Similar to Safari, these apps store information temporarily or cache it so that the next time you use the app it will compute previous processes a little faster.

But again, if your goal is to clear up that Other data, then you may want to check your apps individually to see if they have the option to clear the cache or other data.

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That means that I can enjoy these songs data-free because I have temporarily stored these songs on my device.

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