Bareback dating hookup

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Bareback dating hookup

The sexy models featured on the website -- all HIV-positive themselves -- certainly encourage members to be open and comfortable with their own HIV status."Instead of asking members to disclose whether they are positive or negative, Volttage operates on the belief that you should always assume that anyone you meet is HIV-positive and take appropriate precautions," he explained.

Enter Volttage, a new social networking, dating and hook-up site for HIV-positive men."We aim to break down many of the stereotypes that haunt HIV-positive people, bring HIV out of the closet and start conversations about living with HIV," Mackenroth told EDGE in a recent interview.

“The survey findings show a clear disconnect between the reasons why men engage in unprotected anal intercourse and the way prevention initiatives attempt to address risk behaviors,” said Barucco.

As for their reasons for engaging in unprotected sex, 84.6% of respondents claimed “with condoms it does not feel the same,” while 73.8 % cited “impulsive sexual behaviors.” Other findings of “Clearly, we’ve come a long way in educating people about HIV and AIDS,” said Dr.

"Just because someone says they are negative is not a reason to have unprotected sex," Mackenroth points out. Perry Halkitis, professor of Applied Psychology, Public Health and Medicine at NYU Steinhardt.

Halkitis has been studying the risk behaviors of gay and bisexual men for decades.

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We constantly seek connection, through love or lust, whether temporary or permanent.

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