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Dating in liechtenstein

The size of the country is so small that it even don't have airports.

Liechtenstein speaks German language but every village has its own dialect so even German people can understand it hardly.

Separated from Switzerland by the Rhine River, it's one of the smallest independent sovereign states of Europe, along with San Marino in Italy and Andorra in the Pyrenees.

The entire country is only about 26km (16 miles) long and 6km (4 miles) wide.

more Triesenberg is a traditional mountain village in Liechtenstein.

With roots as a Walser settlement in the 13th 14th century, the municipality continues to honour its venerable history. more Take a seat and let yourself and two others be chauffeured through Vaduz all the way up to the castle, through the Balzers valley to Ruggell or even over the border into neighboring Switzerland.

Although commonly regarded as remote, Liechtenstein is actually very accessible from eastern Switzerland.

A number of good roads link the two countries, and there are no border formalities or Customs stops.

Dating back to 1388, the main building has been lovingly restored and is today considered one of the finest hotels in the capital.

Most residents of Liechtenstein, who are largely of German origin, speak a German dialect. Liechtenstein is famous for its finely engraved postage stamps, which are treasured by collectors the world over.

The stamps illustrate the country's religion (predominantly Roman Catholic), monarchy, art, history, landscape, nature, and leisure activities.

From old houses and inns to fortresses, castles and bridges, Liechtenstein is home to many buildings with a fascinating past.

Take the opportunity to discover the history of Liechtenstein through its architecture.

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