Who is melina perez dating

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Who is melina perez dating

She was told she was too short, too fat, too small, too ugly, and not good enough and she will never make it when she finally decided to join the wrestling world.She wondered how people could judge anyone and pass such under the moon comments to someone without knowing the person in the first place. No, we are not going to witness the legendary 165 split right now, but we are going to talk about the person who mastered it.Now moving on to her body configuration, she is not a tall woman with the height of 5 feet and 4 inches.However, the American national of Mexican ethnicity is definitely a hot woman who has an impressive physical sex appeal, thanks to her strongly built hourglass shaped body (body measurements of 34-25-34 inches), thick natural black hair, well maintained body weight (123 lbs., she follows a self made exercise plan 5 to 7 days a week which includes weights, cardio and silk training and eats health foods that are rich in protein and carbohydrate in accordance to her diet plans), toned legs, meaty thighs, and nevertheless, those mighty breasts (yes, they are breast implants. fans argue that she should have stayed as a natural beauty and we think the same.) However, we are the same people who like to humiliate a woman if she has small breasts. Impressively, Melina's net worth is speculated to be around 1 million US dollar as of September, 2015.The turbulent on-again, off-again relationship between both is currently on the off-position as the former WWE duo has gone their separate ways.Morrison is currently dating actress Krizia Vega, who is the younger sister of more famous actress Alexa Vega.Media reports that they were like husband and wife, and lived together in the Los Angeles home, which they shared. In fact, their relationship ended after John decided to breakup with her.According to Melina, John broke up with her because he was devastated by the sprouting rumors between Melina and fellow wrestler Batista's increasing romance.

She said that people want to say that she cheated and it never really happened like people say and he was the love of her life and she did everything she could do to make it work.She said that Batista plays heroes in movies and he is that same way in real life and he was always a great friend to her and he was bullied when he was coming up through the ranks. Meanwhile, Morrison has kept mum on the subject of his relationship with Melina in post-WWE interviews.In the interview done on November 2013, when asked about his relationship with Melina he replied-“ I’ll always care about her, and she’ll always care about me.” Well John is Heart broken- but the Handsome Hunk is SINGLE!Talking about her relationship status, she is a single woman as far as we know. Not counting her on-screen connections, she has dated two wrestlers in real life.They would be professional wrestlers Mike Knox and John Hennigan (John Morrison).

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If you are a WWE fan, you may have guessed who she is.

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