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Processing of Malaysian passport applications and renewals is very rapid, with new passports usually issued one hour after payment for normal cases.

The introduction of passport renewal kiosks (Ki PPas) at Immigration Department branches across the country allow passport applicants to apply and pay for their passports without queuing at the passport application counters.

Malaysian immigration checkpoints were the only ones with the technology to read and authenticate the data from the RFID chip using a fingerprint scanner and facial recognition technology, but widespread adoption of e Passport technology around the world has seen the technology installed in international airports in the US, the UK and other countries.

In February 2010, the passport was updated to comply with the ICAO standard on biometric and machine-readable passports, while the pages in a 32-page passport was increased to 48 pages.Similar technology is used in the Malaysian identity card, My Kad.The biometric data included on the Malaysian passport is a digital photograph of the bearer's face, and images of their two thumbprints.Malaysia was the first country in the world to issue biometric passports in March 1998, after a local company, IRIS Corporation, developed the technology.In December 2002, thumbprint data was added to the biometric data on the passport chip.

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