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what kind of tryhard takes a picture topless like that unless you're in junior high and think that's cool? [ 437, -64] Nowadays only high school tryhards take kiss pictures topless like that. And to upload that as a selca ㅋㅋㅋ that 8 year age gap too, sigh - Article: Kush reps, "He's been dating Vivian for 2 months... [ 343, -12] Sharing a picture of both of you in bed just a month after dating is a bit... [ 304, -3] Yuri seemed to care about Vivian a lot and took her on a lot of pictorial trips, she must be worried... Though the newlyweds both maintained that theirs was a simple marriage of convenience, and Teddy continued to date other men, Henry later confessed that he had feelings for Teddy. When Andrew Perkins returned and asked Teddy to move to Germany with him, she accepted, and agreed to divorce Henry.However, in the aftermath of a plane crash shortly after making that decision, Teddy changed her mind and told Henry that she was falling in love with him. [ 2,534, -105] The picture makes them seem like a couple who've been dating for over three years ㅋㅋ 4. Thought I was reading an article about foreign celebrities. Teddy joined the army as a surgeon following September 11, 2001 and the death of her best friend in one of the towers. Owen Hunt convinced Teddy to come work in Seattle, saying it was a great hospital with a great staff and equipment.At first, Teddy was surprised by all the equipment, compared to the equipment she had back in Iraq.

Owen fired Teddy from Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital so she could pursue her dream and take a job at MEDCOM.In her grieving process, she called Cristina in during her surgeries and made her tell her the exact story of Henry's surgery. She later went to a support group for widows to help her cope with his death, only to laugh at one of the other widows for saying her husband had "minor congestive heart failure" because according to Teddy, there is no such thing and he was lucky to survive as long as he did.Finally, she was able to say the words "I am a widow." While Teddy was helping out Bailey and Callie with their patient, Owen told her that someone called him to ask if she was going to take the Chief job at MEDCOM, about which he didn't know anything.She was also very pleased with the fact that it rained a lot in Seattle, as it almost never rains in the desert, where she previously worked.Soon after her arrival, she met Cristina Yang, whom she called one of the best residents she had ever seen.

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Later Teddy married him so that he could use her health insurance, and only came to appreciate the gravity of this decision when Henry suffered a near fatal complication of his illness.