Updating news on tanya shannon

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Updating news on tanya shannon

Now, the La Salle County Coroner's Office is suggesting a possible cause for the crash: Dale Shannon had a blood-alcohol content of .266, more than three times the legal limit of .08, according to an Associated Press report.Meanwhile, forecasts continue to predict high temperatures well below freezing in the area, with the weather possibly warming up late next week.Toxicology tests showed Dale Shannon’s blood alcohol level was more than three times the legal limit, the La Salle County coroner.A sheriff’s deputy patrolling the next morning found the couple’s car. Investigators found foot-prints in the snow leading from the car to a nearby road, but the trail ended.

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Snow and poor road conditions the night of the accident made it difficult for authorities to stage extensive searches for Tanya Shannon, Templeton said. “The Shannon family would like to express their appreciation to everyone for their efforts to locate Tanya, and would like to request that their privacy be respected at this time,” the sheriff said in a statement.

As police and volunteers in rural Illinois wait out a bout of winter weather in the search for Tanya Shannon, new information has been released about the crash that led to her disappearance.

The search for Tanya will wait for warmer weather, as authorities hope that a snowmelt will reveal some more of the snow-covered field surrounding the crash site.

Officials speculate that she may have fallen into a ditch, and her body may be covered by the snow, but they are not ruling out the possibility that she is alive.

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