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Most recently, Sinitta's 48-year-old husband, Andy Willner, a headhunter, left the family home in April to move to Hong Kong.

Around the time that Willner upped and left, Simon was reported to be having problems with his partner, Terri Seymour, because of his perennial refusal to commit to marriage and children. With both respective partners gone, Sinitta and Simon gravitated once more towards one another.

After their marriage in 2002, Sinitta and her husband endured one harrowing episode after another in their attempts to have a baby.

Sinitta suffered four miscarriages before trying IVF.

But now Sinitta, who had relationships at the height of her stardom with David Essex and Brad Pitt, is effectively a single mother, and she admits that the future for her and Andy is uncertain. 'The private hospital wanted to give him a general anaesthetic and stitches, which nearly gave me a heart attack,' says Sinitta.

'So my mum takes him to a National Health hospital and they put a bit of surgical tape over him and he's absolutely fine.

When they went out together, photographers would ask Simon to step out of the frame so they could get a shot of Sinitta on her own, without some little nobody spoiling the picture.

Nowadays, it is Sinitta who is politely requested to move away so they can get a photograph of Simon. It's hilarious.' Simon and Sinitta, who were together on and off for 20 years, began dating when Sinitta was just 14.

But today, Sinitta, whose hits in the Eighties included So Macho and Toy Boy, is puzzled by the suggestion that she and Simon did not have sex.

'He's exactly the same as he appears, but probably the only difference is he's a lot warmer.

'When he does play TV's Mr Nasty, I think that it is hilarious.

When Sinitta is not with her ex, who is godfather to her children, she has a lifesize colour cardboard cutout of him to look at in the conservatory at her South-West London home.

'Yes, we do see each other all the time,' says Sinitta.

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'We did have a proper physical relationship,' she says.