P nk and george clooney dating

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P nk and george clooney dating

Alamuddin’s father is Ramzi Alamuddin and her mother is Baria Alamuddin.

He has a villa on Lake Como, which is located just north of Milan, Italy.

He has often traveled to Venice, both because he enjoys spending time there and also when he has attended the Venice Film Festival to promote his movies.

Appearing on the cover in a sheer corseted top - a pair of latex X's covering her modesty - and with her hair coiffed in her trademark blonde and pink Mohawk, Pink continues to defy mainstream music's idealisation of the pretty little pop star.'Those days were really crazy and lots of all-nighters.

Her specialties include human rights, criminal law, extradition and international law cases.

Other than those basic facts, not much is known about who George Clooney’s new wife, Lebanese Amal Alamuddin, is, other than a few facts uncovered about her by the media.

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Ever since George Clooney’s first marriage, from 1989-1993, to actress Talia Bloom, he had vowed that he would never get married again.