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They work for the “on-board shuttle group,” a branch of Lockheed Martin Corps space mission systems division, and their prowess is world renowned: the shuttle software group is one of just four outfits in the world to win the coveted Level 5 ranking of the federal governments Software Engineering Institute (SEI) a measure of the sophistication and reliability of the way they do their work.In fact, the SEI based it standards in part from watching the on-board shuttle group do its work.The group writes software this good because that’s how good it has to be.Every time it fires up the shuttle, their software is controlling a billion piece of equipment, the lives of a half-dozen astronauts, and the dreams of the nation.

In less than one second, they achieve 6.6 million pounds of thrust.

Virtually everything — from the international monetary system and major power plants to blenders and microwave ovens — runs on software.

In office buildings, the elevators, the lights, the water, the air conditioning are all controlled by software. There’s no science here at all.”Software may power the post-industrial world, but the creation of software remains a pre-industrial trade.

Believe it or not, your parents might just be able to remember a time when computers weren't everywhere you look. After all, you're reading today's Wonder of the Day, right? After some investigating, they discovered that a moth was trapped in a relay and causing a short circuit.

If you have much experience with computers, you probably already know that they're not perfect.

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In cars, the transmission, the ignition timing, the air bag, even the door locks are controlled by software. Almost every written communication that’s more complicated than a postcard depends on software; every phone conversation and every overnight package delivery requires it. It also sucks.“It’s like pre-Sumerian civilization,” says Brad Cox, who wrote the software for Steve Jobs Ne XT computer and is a professor at George Mason University. According to SEI’s studies, nearly 70% of software organizations are stuck in the first two levels of SEI’s scale of sophistication: chaos, and slightly better than chaos.

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