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Canadian writer/director Eric Nicholas' disturbing and creepy low-budget suspense thriller was about the invasion of privacy and voyeurism.

His voyeuristic sessions included watching her showering and masturbating with her hair brush handle late one night - as he masturbated at his own monitor from a safe distance.It opened with one of the main characters fantasizing that he was having sex with his equally-excited male San Torum HS math instructor on a lab table, as he masturbated in his bedroom with a carrot.His parents then shocked when they caught him with a collection of sex toys under his covers, with the husband commenting to his wife: "Well, I guess that's life with a gay son." Terry Zwigoff's satirical and offbeat black comedy (or dramedy) about coming of age, with a screenplay by comic-book artist Daniel Clowes, had the tagline: "Who said anything about talent?The sweaty, panting and flabby pervert saw that she had an emotional reaction to two lovers on the grass, and realized that she was his next vulnerable prey.He immediately became infatuated with getting to know her better.

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In a scene with the most explicit nudity in the film, Johnny's girlfriend Angela Holden (Olivia Wilde) engaged in a hotel tryst with him - although he was pre-occupied with events in his life and couldn't perform even after attempted oral sex: The central sequence was its title event: a 10-minute Michigan university night-time streak-run in the all-together (with about 100 naked extras). (cheering) And being completely naked is, of course, a perfectly natural thing.