Rules for updating an addendum

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Rules for updating an addendum

On 1 July 2012, the Standards replaced the former program specific standards: Standards for Disability Services in Victoria, Registration Standards for Community Service Organisations and Homelessness Assistance Services Standards.

The Standards and independent review process seek to ensure that people experience the same quality of service no matter which service provider they access.

By considering a revision of your bylaws, you’re proposing to substitute a new set of bylaws for the existing ones.

The bylaw amendment is subject to all the rules for that motion except for the following: Even though other amendments addressing the same issue have to be considered if proper notice has been given, you can’t get around the possibility that after you adopt a particular bylaw amendment, other proposals may become moot because any change in the bylaws may make a yet-to-be-considered amendment impossible to enact.

The proper notice for a bylaw amendment contains three fundamental components: Additionally, the notice should include the proposers’ names and their rationale for offering the amendment.

It may also include other information such as whether a committee or board endorses or opposes the amendment.

The adult content will be incorporated into the revisions being made to BALOO training and will be released soon.

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And bylaws should never be changed as long as a minority greater than one-third disagrees with the proposal.