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Dating memb

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It has completely revitalized the site." As for its success rate, there have yet to be any marriage proposals as far as Goss knows, but he did reveal that he's received positive messages from users about multiple dates and some solid relationships.

"It's been working out for some people," adds Goss, who is married and yes, both he and his wife voted for Trump.

"After he won, we've consistently had people sign up every single day," explains Goss, a Republican, adding that in the days and weeks leading up the election, there had been a considerable dip in users, with some days completely void of new members.

But the morning after the election, Goss says he awoke to six new paying customers, a number which may seem slight yet steady in terms of the growth of the overall site.

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  1. Getting involved in the dating scene is always a little intimidating no matter what your background, but if you’re a plus sized person it can be an even more difficult task.