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This junction is therefore the busiest junction in Northern Ireland, catering for around 100,000 vehicles per day, yet it currently relies on a series of traffic signals. The current plan, as of December 2012, is to completely grade separate all movements between the Westlink and M2, and Westlink and M3 (M2 to M3 movements are already free flowing).This will be achieved by constructing the four links mainly below ground level. This graphic is lifted from a DRD leaflet which you can see in full resolution here.

And finally, the Designation Order is a legal document needed to give Transport NI permission to build new sections of trunk road.

The decision to put the tender award on hold resulted in a lot of debate in October, most notably in the Assembly in late 2016 where you can see a range of written questions on the subject.

The Minister clarified his position on 20 October 2016 in a press release and it worth quoting him at length: "while [York Street Interchange] is a project that could have attracted up to 40% EU funding, there would still be a 60% gap to make up.

This document envisaged an extra 400m for roads in the period to 2015.

The plans are very reminiscent of the original 1960s plans for a 3-way motorway junction here (see below).

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In it he said "funding of up to 4million will be made available to develop the York Street Interchange Scheme to a construction ready state and has confirmed that contract award for the scheme development will be progressed".