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Free pissing chat room

If you're pee curious and would like to see what other people get up to, you could try watching a Peeing DVD, or with your specific genre in mind, DVDs cater for all different fetish tastes nowadays, but you WILL see the artists & models on watersports pee fun films having exactly that - FUN!!Nowadays you can download them onto your computer so it can be done discreetly.But sometimes it's the fun side of the naughty thrill of being actually caught that is the sexual turn-on.The male on the other hand probably won't stay alone with this wet sex fetish and will try and find a pee partner to extend his pissing pleasure.Cascade had some of those numbers, they were called premium rate numbers and were about 36p per minute!One of the numbers was used to promote Cascade magazine and that's initially where our subscribers came from and that's the moment in their lives when the people curious about peeing and its sexual connections stopped and realised there were other males and females who enjoyed the same wet sex watersports thing.It develops into some really satisfying sexy fun that can be done without attracting attention and for the woman it's very erotic & pleasurable, it's lots of sexy fun and in most cases, the pain mixed with the pleasure is extremely orgasmic & highly sexual.

What normally would have taken years (or simply never achieved) in the previous decades, now can be achieved within weeks.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of pee fun and sex websites for you to look at, some are more explicit than others and don't have much 'fun' about them - some are more of a commercial venture wishing to make money out of watersports pissing fans than wanting to help and encourage.

But if you look, there are peeing web sites for people who are curious and want to find out more about the many pleasures that can be enjoyed with pissing, these are fun sites that care for their visitors where you can get free watersports stuff and information about the fun side of the pissing fetish, including the terms: wet sex, watersports, golden showers, urolagnia, piss fun, public pissing, peeing games and panties wetting - you get the idea!

Thousands of men and women, all over the world use Peeing to find other likeminded pissing lovers, whether it be for meaningful, long term relationships, or casual pee play.

All dating profiles on this site are 100% genuine, user submitted!

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Some females like to see a man dying to pee and get him to admit it.