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Who is shayna rose dating

(September 2010) Lied to the police and refused to incriminate the Di Meras in her kidnapping (June 2009) Hid Ford Decker's body (December 2007) Drugged Ford Decker (December 2007) Stephanie Kay Johnson was the daughter of Steve and Kayla Johnson.In 1991 Stephanie was kidnapped by her nanny, Sheila Salsbury, but was later recovered in Australia.Stephanie didn't know how to deal with the rape; and, despite the fact that Ford continued to drug and rape other women on campus, Stephanie could not find it in herself to testify against him.Instead, Stephanie conspired with her sorority sisters to lure Ford to their house and drug him to teach him a lesson. Stephanie even helped Max find his biological sister, Melanie, in France.She insisted that Philip break off all ties with his father. Philip tried to get her back and the two reconciled for a brief time.

EJ ordered Owen Kent to kidnap Stephanie, which he did.

After Steve's death, Stephanie moved to Los Angeles with her mother, and wasn't seen again until she was a grown woman, at which point she was a racecar driver.

After a brief relationship with Max Brady, Stephanie shortly left town, only to return after her father, recently returned from the dead, began experiencing problems.

As Melanie and Philip grew closer, Stephanie did everything she could to keep Nathan away from Melanie, including tearing up a love letter that Melanie asked Stephanie to give to Nathan.

Melanie and Philip eventually married, and Nathan moved in with Stephanie.

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Stephanie learned that Philip was the father of Chloe's baby.

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