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The Buddhist Priests then were held in high esteem in society, unlike the Humbugs of today seen being baton charged and beaten at demonstrations by the very same State powers who Christened them, running for life with umbrellas and their robes tucked.Today Buddhist Priests are accused of Rape, Molestations, Thuggery, Armed robbery and even Murder.The poor then in the country, soon after Independence was not unemployed, starving or homeless.The poor then, were given a free Education and a free Health Service and Public transport was subsidised Ceylon then being a welfare state.Inequality is more apparent in the tropical countries as Sri Lanka, more than the Western countries that are snow bound where Nature has designed the basics for mankind.In the snow bound countries tenements as ours are not possible to survive winter, without heating.

As a result of the Hartal in the Port, we lost the bulk of the Shipping business and Singapore stood to gain. Tao who built the Twin Towers in the Fort called the World Trade Centre.It was the British through Education that emancipated the ordinary masses in this country to become Professionals and Academics to create the new elite in the Sri Lankan society, who were otherwise were mere vassals in the former Feudal system that prevailed in the country. of the day, by opening Central Colleges and the inclusion of Iriyagolles, Malalasekaras, Kularatnes et al.None of the forefathers of the Sri Lankan elite then were British, but natives of this land.century and some countries ventured to wipe out inequality, adopting Socialism and Communism.Two such countries Russia and China today has created Neo-Capitalism in it’s worst form in those countries, by those very individuals whose hearts bled for the poor, after taking over the reins to liberate the poor.

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It was with such facilities offered to the poor in this country that a few Left oriented, Western educated Capitalists as S. Wickremasinghe, et al were trying to woo the masses with comradeship, to take the reins of governance of the country, but the poor did not reciprocate with their vote other than in the electorates they represented.