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Akbar zab fahsan tabon

Finally, the third section touches on the veil in its sociopolitical aspects.Here, writers by and large look at some of the current diseases of veiling, as well as its history as a prize in the push-me-pull-you of internal and external strife.As much as the veil is fabric or an article of clothing, it is also a concept.It can be illusion, vanity, artifice, deception, liberation, imprisonment, euphemism, divination, concealment, hallucination, depression, eloquent silence, holiness, the ethers beyond consciousness, the hidden hundredth name of God, the final passage into death, even the biblical apocalypse, the lifting of God’s veil, signaling so-called end times.Yet all things sacred, in order to finally become so, are accompanied by internal and external conflicts. Does it liberate the wearer on the journey to the divine?

Yet, as we see increasingly today, the veil is also a symbol of resistance—against ethnic and religious discrimination.1 When the veil is forcibly stripped from its wearer, that too, is subjugation, not emancipation.

My hope is that this unique group ethnography will be transformative and eye-opening and help to alter superficial, exploitative, or hidebound points of view.

Some of the chapters in this book—including the visual essays by graphic novelists Marjane Satrapi and Sarah C.

In “Going the Whole Nine Yards,” Roxanne Kamayani Gupta speaks to, among other things, her own lyrical voyage of discovery in India, in the world of the sari, while in “Purdah, Patriarchy, and the Tropical Sun,” Jasbir Jain considers the segregation of Indian women from a pragmatic, literary, and sociological angle.

These and other exchanges between the passionate and the detached are intended to balance and widen our understanding of the veil’s vast significance for individuals and in larger social and spiritual contexts.

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These and other options seem contrived and unbalanced here, where as mixing it up, without boxing it too tightly, helps provide freshness, rhythm, and harmony, and, I hope, will bring to bear the rhizomic and multiple truths inherent in the veil.