Peruvian dating customs

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Peruvian dating customs

This may lead to difficulties when they must speak with outsiders, who often do not speak the indigenous language.

Although Peru has an ethnically diverse population, discrimination by ethnic lines is common, particularly against amerindians and blacks; gender often interacts with ethnic origin; this may mean that "an indigenous woman may only ever work as a maid".

Amnesty International notes that economic discrimination is one of the factors, with women in affluent areas receiving better health care than those in rural areas.

Gender and ethnic discrimination in health care also exist.

Custody of those over seven is generally awarded by gender.

If a parent is deemed unfit, the children can be sent to live with the other parent.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) noted that discrimination is practiced, in particular with regard to women's land rights, and that women in Peru generally have higher levels of poverty and unemployment.

An estimated 13.3 percent of women in rural areas are in need of contraceptives that are unavailable, as opposed to 8.7 percent of urban women.Politically, women in Peru have been subordinated to men and had little power.Twenty percent of those elected in 2001 were women.In marriage, the husband and wife share responsibility for household affairs.In approximately 25% of marriages, finances are handled by the husbands; In a divorce, custody of children under the age of seven is generally awarded to the mother.

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The Peruvian Government has begun efforts to combat the high maternal mortality rate and lack of female political representation, as well as violence against women. Andean civilization is traditionally somewhat egalitarian for men and women, with women allowed to inherit property from their mothers.