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The duo refers to the process as "demystifying technology," making its uses applicable to the daily lives of even the least technologically-advanced of areas.

Their current work is in very remote tribal villages in Orissa, India.

CTx Gr En has come in and shown the people how to take materials native to the region and turn them into fuel.

Truly thriving at the micro-economic level, the project is "scaled to local needs" and retain[s] all benefits within the local community." The process is also very environmentally beneficial, further proving that energy for development can be provided without increased fossil-fuel usage, and instead, with earth-friendly, natural materials.

While at the same time what is happening is that they can expand it into increasing the livelihood income, so that they have more money available to be able to get other things. How it happens is that the money stays in the local economy and doesn't go out.

It doesn't go into large companies, or multinationals which are taking it out, so the money keeps circulating there and in the process, the villagers and everybody get richer. In addition to money circulating in the village, the vegetable matter also stays in the local economy; the nutrients stay there.

Pumping water and having running water in the toilet and bathroom are the first step [towards] improved health, education, training, and having a better quality of life. People pay for 100% of the main operating and maintenance costs of the machines and the fuel. There are three management systems in place in three different villages.

In the first village which has 15 houses, people use 'sweat equity;' everyone participates in the pedalling, and they share all the costs.

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How exactly does the project work within the village?

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