Updating textmate bundles

Posted by / 12-Feb-2015 20:00

Updating textmate bundles

This allows individual languages, and even individual scopes, to override built-in commands such as “Reformat Paragraph” with more specialized versions.

Even special keys such as the return key and spacebar can be overridden.

For instance, the title of one of the links in the “External links” section has the scope: This scope tells us that we are looking at a link title within a link within a list within a Media Wiki document.

Text Mate language grammars, snippets, macros, commands, and templates can be grouped into “bundles” of functionality.

Any snippet, macro, or command can be executed by pressing a keyboard shortcut, by typing a particular word and then pressing the “tab” key (so-called “tab triggers”), or by selecting the command from a menu.

Text Mate allows users to create their own arbitrarily complex syntax highlighting modes by using a modified version of the Apple ASCII property list format to define language grammars.

These grammars allow nesting rules to be defined using the Oniguruma regular expression library, and then assigned specific “scopes”: compound labels which identify them for coloration.

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Search and replace can be undertaken across an entire project, and commands can interact with the selected files or folders in the drawer.