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Posted by / 04-Aug-2014 03:59

Expecting your guy to pay every time just because he's a guy is so wrong!While guys don't expect women to pay, they hate it when women judge them based on the size of their wallets or expect them to foot every bill. The term 'feminism' in India has taken on interesting connotations.Women themselves insult their own friends or acquaintances and then lay the entire blame on men.

On the other hand, they act like they're made of delicate china. If you want to be the damsel in distress and want your Prince Charming to rescue you, don't try to be someone you're not and portray yourself as a strong, independent woman.While feminism, to a certain extent, promotes equality between men and women, women are using feminism to blame anything and everything on men.Also, women often claim they are as good and as strong as men when it comes to certain things like household work and in the workplace.Men prefer educated women who are standing on their own feet.Needless to say, if a woman is not really interested in that MBA degree but just got it to land a rich guy, the guy will be irked when he finds out.

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