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No matter what happens remember to act professionally and vent your frustrations away from work.Stay Focused on Your Job When you are working with someone that you are dating, especially if you are in the first stages of your relationship that leave you wanting to be together all the time, you must try and stay focused on your job.If you think for one minute that anyone goes through his/her day without ever having to occasion to flirt a little in a playful way then you probably have unrealistic ideas. Now, this becomes a whole different ball game for people who work in the same place.When flirting occurs the other person is there to witness it.Generally speaking, people cannot help who they choose to be with. This means that it is not always so easy to avoid dating someone at your place of business.In some cases one member of the couple actually gets a job working with the other.This will cause you to walk around in a daze, forgetting a lot of very important things.

If someone is crossing the line, pull that person to the side at a time when you are both off the clock and explain that it is bothering you.Chances are your significant other does not need you to hold his/her hand all the time.If you find yourself getting involved in disputes that do not have anything to do with you personally just because you are trying to stand up for the one you are dating then you will also find yourself getting into trouble as well.You may work at a large company and have no interaction with anyone outside of your job.In this case it would be wise to keep your private life separate from your professional life.

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