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With toe nail fungus and you probably like to eat Cheetos while you watch reruns of Gossip Girl.'Thus far the account has almost 26,000 followers, a number which is continuing to grow by the hour as word spreads to other disgruntled women.

Alexandra is hopeful that it will have an impact on at least a few of the men who are featured - and perhaps even encourage them to change their attitude towards women and the online dating community.

And having sifted through a seemingly-endless stream of submissions, she points out that there is a clear and obvious pattern in the behavior of almost all of the aggressive messengers.

While some of the submissions featured are too rude to repeat, others are slightly more ridiculous and include a variety of extraordinary comebacks from jaded gentlemen, irate at the thought of being turned down.'I am not interested': A lot of the women who send in submissions to the account are very clear about their feelings early on in the conversation, however their honesty is rarely met with a reasonable response One woman, after seemingly ignoring a man's advances, was told: 'Yeahhhh so I have come to the conclusion that you are a Class A b***h.

They expected you to pay — or grabbed the check when you wanted to treat.

They made an unwelcome sexual overture or waited too long to kiss you.

She will censor her comments, or he will be hesitant to write long emails if he thinks his grammar will be picked apart.They got one look at your paisley unitard and bolted out the door.Although such tales are occasionally entertaining, they’re not helping your love life." -The Language of Breakups is Universal“I met a cute guy in Croatia while I was traveling, and we were having so much fun hanging out that I decided to cancel my hostel reservation for the rest of the week and stay at his place. The status updates were in Croatian, but I ran them through Google translate because I was curious what was on his mind.Big mistake: He had posted several statuses complaining about how annoying I was being!

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I responded, then looked through his connections—one was a woman with the same last name as him.

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