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Best tato phtos

Popular tattoo flowers are Hawaiian and other exotic flowers, lotus flowers, hibiscus, daisies, cherry blossom and lilies.The majority of the crazy tattoos in this gallery are crazy in a good way, and some are not (you'll see which ones I mean).The most popular tattoo design for feet are flowers.

Currently there are galleries for tribal, dragon, female, flower, foot, bird, butterfly and cross tattoos, more is on its way...They are not pretty like butterflies, but they certainly are not ugly like most bugs.Dragonflies almost look like they exist in the parallel universe of fairies and elves.Everyone has their own personal reasons for getting inked and every tattoo has a specialized meaning to the wearer, even if it is a simple, common design.That band logo tattooed on two different people may mean two More Stay Sick Recordings outspoken and downright raw band of brothers, Back Wordz, are making a scene spreading a message of hope for all of the hopeless who feel as though their voice is overlooked in our ever-changing More Dragonflies are mythical looking creatures.

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