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Castle dating 1219

Built in 1935 and radically renovated in 1992/1993, it is the activity area and central meeting place for guests and residents. Japanese garden At the upper spa garden entrance you will find the Japanese garden which was created in 1996 by a horticulturalist from our twin town of Isawa.

It has small waterfalls, Japanese plants and an arched bridge made of granite.

A magnificent heritage site, an international culture and conference centre and a tourist draw: The Grand Commandery Alden Biesen has more than one ace up its sleeve.

Originally built by the Teutonic Order, it is now one of the largest castle estates of the Euregion.

Following the fire of1971, Alden Biesen becomes the property of the Belgian government and today, the Grand Commandery is an international cultural centre owned by the Flemish Community.

Would you like to learn more about the captivating history of the site and the Teutonic Order?

Caversham was established in 1162 and the earliest mention of Caversha' was in the Doomsday books of 1086.

It was ideally placed due its proximity to London and access to waterways which were the main method of travel in those times.

Stone hand-axes dating back 250,000 years have been found in the gravel beds that line this part of the Thames Valley - they would have been used by hunters to cut up meat from animals such as mammoths, one of whose tusks has been found in the gravel pit beyond Deans Farm.

Meanwhile, we are working to make all this information available online as well.

Please go to Biesen for the current online collection.

Synagogue, Holzapfelgasse The structural ensemble of the former Jewish community stood here until around 1970.

In 1219, they gave this to the German Teutonic Order.

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