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The Law School has several student groups who represent the interests of its students.

They run social activities, career networks, tutorials, mooting competitions and many other activities and programs to assist in your overall student experience.

Please see below for a range of forms of financial assistance that may be able to assist you with this cost.* This amount is an estimate only based on a 1.5% increase in FEE-HELP per year.

Students who commence study in a Commonwealth Supported Place at the University of Melbourne will pay the student contribution amounts by subjects in the disciplines and courses. Australian citizens and students who hold a permanent humanitarian visa who will be resident in Australia for the duration of the unit can apply for HECS-HELP which helps students pay their student contribution for unit(s) of study in which they are enrolled as a CSP student.

Information about HECS-HELPThe tuition fees for the Melbourne JD in 2017 are:,832 per 12.5 credit point subject The indicative cost of the standard three year program for students commencing in 2017 is 0,668.

Melbourne Law School will use your highest LSAT when assessing your application.

Melbourne Law School also runs information sessions about the LSAT.

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