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Free webcam chat xxx australia

Games may still be Refused Classification if deemed to contain material unsuitable for R18 classification, such as depictions of sexual violence or the promotion of illegal drug use, as well as drug use that is related to incentives and rewards.

The list below includes games where the worldwide edition has been banned for sale in Australia because either: the game has been refused classification, a classification has been revoked, or the game has received a local edit that causes it to differ from the worldwide edition ("censored").

Originally, video games in Australia could only be rated up to MA15 .

At the time, the R18 classification rating could be given to film, but a video game with content deemed fitting for the R18 rating would be 'Refused Classification' due to an appropriate classification not being available for the medium.

The list below includes games where the Australian edition is identical to that of other countries because either: the rating has successfully been appealed, the worldwide edition has later been released in Australia unedited ("uncut"), or the game has received a worldwide edit.

Pre-censored before submission because of sexual violence involving prostitutes.

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An uncut version was later released for the PC with an MA15 .

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