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So you will see Danish time written as 14.15, 17.30, 05.00, etc.

So far, so good, but here is where it gets more complicated, because how you write/read the time is not the same way you say the time.

The first two numbers are the hour and the last two numbers are the number of minutes after the hour.

So from midnight to 9am, the first digit would always be "0".

If you are not familiar with the 24-hour clock, or military clock, you will need to adapt in order to understand time in Denmark.

The time is expressed with 4 numbers () Midnight is the start of the day, so midnight is written .

So check those dates again or you may be several months late or early for your next appointment! I am going on holiday /vacation / ferie in week 27. The week starts on a Monday except on the first week of the year where it starts on the 1st of January.It is very rare that you will hear the Danes say the Danish time as a military time. So when you speak the time, you will say the time is 7 for 7am in the morning and if it is 7pm, you add "i aften" (this evening). When talking about programs, time tables for trains and buses, start times of shows, movies, etc., then you say the time in military time.They revert back to the 12-hour clock when speaking. If that's not confusing enough for you, just "wait til I get going! When you start to learn Danish, you will probably start pulling your hair out because of how you have to say the Danish time. pm is "half seven" (halv syv), and so it continues for every half hour expressed.Note: When using the minutes to and after the half hour, you usually don't go over 10 minutes on either side. You may ask, what is so different about the Danish calendar?So if it is 19 minutes after the hour, you wouldn't express it as "11 minutes to the half". You also use expressions like "quarter before" or "quarter after" the hour. The Danes use the same calendar as other Germanic countries, but there are a few things you might like to know, one of which can be quite helpful and could save you a bit of embarrassment.

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After a while you will get used to it, but at first it can be a bit overwhelming. First, when you write the names of the months and days in Danish, they are not capitalized as they are in America or Britain.

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