Dating vintage helbros watches dating a swedish man

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And you can get em for between ,000 and ,000 all day long.Continuing with the military theme, IWC’s Mark XI is as pure a modern pilot's watch as one can find.

And C) they have, depending on whose army we’re talking about here, played a role in saving the free world.

Many consider the Cal 89 to be one of the great manually wound movements of the 20th century, and it went through a 44-day testing period (in five positions, ranging in temperature from -5° to 46° C).

The dial is just so clean, with later models featuring the circled “T” at 6 o’clock (just like those Rolex Mil Subs).

The Heuer here has so, so much going for it, and yet these suckers can still be had for almost nothing.

It’s great looking, with a black dial, rotating bezel, and often found with cool mil-markings like “3H”, of a completely modern size (42mm), and it’s a freaking manually wound fly-back chronograph!

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